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Embargo Check



MessageManager´s Embargo Check provides an integrated compliance solution for reliably filtering financial transactions and customer information data against standard embargo lists and customer own, specific black / white lists. Customizable configuration and a comprehensible GUI help to minimize the manual effort for post-processing suspect messages.


  • configurable compliance filter for reliably detecting suspicious transactions and customer information data
  • supporting popular embargo lists (OFAC, WorldCheck, EUEL, PEP, etc.)       and customer specific black and white lists
  • easy-to-understand GUI with configurable workflow for revising suspect data and maintaining black and white lists
  • providing detailed Audit trails and customizable reports with hit related information and belonging user activities

Customer Benefits

  • less business risks thanks to traceable compliance with international regulations on embargo checking
  • reduced “false positives” due to sophisticated fuzzy matching logic and configurable “learning curve”
  • minimal integration effort thanks to preconfigured STP workflow with inherent compliance checking