Dear Reader


Originally founded in 1989, AnaSys was acquired by Bottomline Technologies in July 2020. The company continues to operate out of Switzerland, with the same core team and suite of products.

The main software, the AnaSys MessageManager has been installed at numerous client sites since the mid-1990s including JPMorgan, Bankhaus Woelbern and Postfinance to name just a few. This software has been fully developed and is owned by AnaSys itself. With over 80 installations in Switzerland, other European Countries and overseas, the AnaSys products and services are successfully used by the financial market. Since the mid-1990s the main software has been continuously updated to correspond to the latest technologies.

To enable banks, financial service providers and industry clients to get easy access to the different clearing Systems, in 2004 AnaSys established a Service Bureau that provides comprehensive outsourcing services. Simple availability of complex services makes the AnaSys Service Bureau the best outsourcing solution on the market today. The Service Bureau infrastructure is located in secured locations in Switzerland, and from there it processes reliably financial message data for all AnaSys clients in the world. The fact that Switzerland is a neutral and highly safe country with comprehensive laws and enforcement in data protection makes our data centre an attractive choice for customers all over the world.

At AnaSys a highly experienced and motivated team of professionals addresses requests of customers, observing the following set of principles and values:

  • Products should be easy and fast to install;
  • A comprehensive set of functionality and features make them efficient and intuitive to use;
  • The traditional Swiss attributes of reliability, security and confidentiality are strictly to be observed;
  • The company should be responding fast and effectively in providing any support the customers may require.

These are the principles we are following in our daily work.


Carlo Frey
Member of the Board