Message Transformation


The financial message transformation allows banks and Corporates to transform, enrich and validate any financial message.

The message transformation uses configurable transformation rules, which combine input and output messages. With these rules new message formats are generated using prede­fined output message templates. Boolean logic links the correct conversion rule and message template. The linking itself depends on customer, message source and application and is applied on the content of the message to be converted.

Fields of output messages can be filled both by transformation of incoming data and by look-up into static reference data. In particular, the message transformation service also makes it pos­si­ble to enrich the output message as a function of the input message. The templates required by the message transformation can be defined in a user-friendly GUI as partially filled messages with the desired structure and are stored as conversion templates. 

The required reference data is imported via a file interface, either in csv or xml format. Beside the BIC information, this could be information on accounts and account owners. The needed transforma­tion rules are created ‘offline’ with a graphical program, which adjusts input and output mes­sage and allows a GUI-supported definition of transformation rules per message field. Once completed, rules are imported via the GUI.



  • Message transformation service with configurable transformation rules
  • Transformation of any-to-any financial message format
  • Enrichment of output message by transformation of incoming data or by look-up into static reference data
  • Authorization-protected upload function for reference data.
  • Access to the conversion service via a WebService interface.


Customer benefits

  • Specifically designed tool for the conversion of financial messages.
  • Cost saving by avoiding costly format changes in core Systems.
  • Easy and GUI supported maintenance of transformation rules.