Service Bureau

The Service Bureau provides reliable outsourced operation (SaaS model) of Financial Messaging solutions for Banks and Corporates

Service Bureau – Our offer



  • client tailored and cost-effective services to connect to SWIFT and domestic payment, clearing & settlement systems
  • EBICS access available
  • easy implementation and straight forward connectivity set-up with little project effort
  • dedicated production, test and failover environment per client
  • business & technical oriented support in your day-to-day opera­tion
  • safe transaction archive
  • S.W.I.F.T. sc certification, providing a SaaS model



  • reliable solution with easy-to-use GUI, supporting many international and domestic message formats
  • customizable workflow and interfaces for smooth integration with client’s business processes and infrastructure
  • fully redundant data centres with proven BCM technology, located in geographically separated, high security buildings in Switzerland


Your Partner:

  • quarter of a century of business experience in providing Financial Messaging solutions
  • highly qualified team with profound business know-how and technical expertise
  • operating our own software products

Service Bureau – Your Benefits

Less risks, less costs, more resources to focus on your own business activities


Less Project Risks Thanks To:

  • extensive project experience in setting up and maintaining client organizations
  • ample flexibility to adapt to the client’s infrastructure and business processes


Less Operational Risks Thanks To:

  • accomplished technical and business expertise in domestic and international financial messaging
  • over 10 years of experience in operating a Service Bureau
  • fail-safe infrastructure with 99.50% availability providing highest reliability and security


Less Costs Thanks To:

  • shared costs for communication, technical infrastructure and operations
  • shared effort for product maintenance and functional enhancements


Optimized Efficiency To Allow You:

  • to focus on your business activities and to delegate the technical administration to AnaSys
  • to increase your efficiency through customized message processing and business flows