Target2 via euroSIC / SECB


AnaSys Ltd offers banks a fully-fledged SWIFT-FIN compatible Target2 access via euroSIC / SECB.

The Swiss Euro Clearing Bank (SECB) provides a service that enables its customers the option of making payments to Target2 participants. They need a euroSIC connection (Euro Swiss Inter­bank Clearing) without the necessity of being a Target2 participant themselves. This is interesting for banks outside the Euro system (UK for example) or banks without their own SWIFT connection.

Access to Target2 via SECB occurs via a euroSIC connection over SIX Group’s pro­prie­ta­ry finance IPNet. Therefore, no SWIFT connection is required. SECB can execute payments to all Target2 participants. For euroSIC clients without direct Target2 membership, SECB acts as a counterparty and sends payments on behalf of its customers.

EuroSIC is aligned to the new message standard ISO 20022. For those who process their messa­ges mainly in the SWIFT MT format, AnaSys offers alternatively a SWIFT-FIN compatible up­grade to a fully-fledged euroSIC solution with full functionality. This means that customers can continue to use today’s SWIFT-FIN messages without having to change their bank applica­tions to the new message standard. This avoids costly adjustments in the core system. Reconciliation takes place by means of the MT950 with detailed transactions.




  • Indirect Target2 access via SECB; payments to all Target2 participants supported
  • direct euroSIC connection with automatic conversion of the SWIFT-FIN messages into the new ISO 20022 euroSIC format
  • intuitive browser GUI for manual message processing and interactive querying of payment transactions and account balances (online cash management)
  • the current MT 950 reconciliation process remains unchanged
  • the fail-safe service is accessible via an encrypted https connection over the Internet (without the purchase of expensive hardware)
  • contractual relationship with the SECB required


Customer benefits

  • cost effective Target2 access without direct membership
  • no additional effort thanks to outsourcing (Service Bureau model)
  • no upgrade of the bank or SWIFT application
  • lower transaction rates of the SIX Group are applied
  • future use of the solution for all SWIFT traffic (also with embargo compliance for SIC, euroSIC and SWIFT)